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K10 Alternative Boys Acadmey

[Not Much Of A Big Shot Now?]

K10 Alternative Boys Academy
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The Story

K10 Alternative Boys Academy is a public all boys school based in the out skirts of the Shinjuku in Tokyo

An extremely miserable place where teachers don't bother to encourage the boys to excel, gang graffiti tags are everywhere marking their turf, and the Yakuza's frequently hang around outside the school trying to recruit young members.

The boys learn early on that if you don't fight for what is yours and what you want, then you better keep your mouth shut and stay out of the way. Even though these boys do act tough and dish out violence like an ice cube down the back of your shirt, the boys feel lost and confused due to the fact they cannot understand why they can not make their dreams come true. Almost feeling forced into the violence and self destruction they create because it will be their only real legacy they can leave behind before they enter the real world and pretty much dead end lives.

The Rules

1) RESPECT THE MODS! If you give us respect, then we'll return the favor.

2) No Godmodding! Sorry, majority are not in favor for that kind of play.

3) A mun could only have up to two muses until given premission to have more than one.

4) Male and Females[Apply any place in STAFF, since it IS a Boys Academy] musicians are allowed.

5) Please, please have decent grammar and spelling.

6) This Roleplay takes place through Journal RPing, BUT! AIM Rping can go on as well(optional).

7) It is a must that you post everything under FRIENDS LOCK. Even the logs.


9) You must update your muse's journal once a week. Deadline for Journal check ups will always be on a Friday.

10) One week of inactivity will result in booting you out of the community.

11) To make sure you read the rules, please type in the subject line "Untold Lies"

12) Have fun ;)



AIM: pachinkoxjesus


Rikku/AIM: Acidropx10